2020 was unprecedented in our lifetime as funeral directors especially in the field of repatriation where we offer particular expertise.

As a new normal for 2021 is emerging, our section on repatriation contains useful information for anyone having to repatriation to, or from, the UK.

Global lockdowns have left their mark as many traditional procedures changed in reaction to fast-evolving circumstances.  What hasn’t changed is the desire to return to a place of one’s birth or homeland, even if they’ve spent most of their lifetime in a different country.  For families abroad who face the sudden death of a loved one visiting the UK, arranging a return over a distance can be very challenging.

Repatriation involves many practical steps and interaction with local, public and national authorities, often non-English speaking.  When you factor in the many cultural rituals and expectations that need to be observed, you need experienced hands to help.  For some nationalities, there is a requirement to cremate a loved one within a strict timeframe which we, as funeral directors, can arrange with or without family attending.  We will also ensure the ashes are safely returned and or make arrangements here in the UK as per family wishes.

For others, they may need time to get arrangements in place so longer-term care is a priority.  Post Covid, many countries have new policies in place surrounding the return of citizens and travel restrictions are expected to remain fluid for some time to come.

Our repatriation specialists help families, charities, and Government officials steer a path through complex legal and regulatory frameworks to efficiently repatriate citizens safely with the minimum of delay.  Whoever you are, and whatever you require, we provide a full, reliable and compassionate service with a single funeral director contact throughout.

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