Balancing the practicalities of arranging a funeral and compassionately supporting a family in need takes time and years of practice.
It’s also a team effort utilising a wide variety of skills.

It’s also a team effort utilising a wide variety of professional skills across our business.

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Grief First Aid for Funeral Directors

What a notion – first aid for the professionals that deal with death every day?   Let’s talk about a successful internal programme we launched to assist our colleagues in 2024.   What is GFA? Grief first aid is just that.  First aid for anyone facing loss.  Normal...

Upholding high standards in funeral care

As a profession, funeral directors typically strive to deliver the highest quality of care and compassionate service. Yet in light of recent events, this reputation has sadly been called into question, spreading a dark shadow over the industry. We are greatly saddened...

Is direct or unattended cremation for you?

There’s no doubt that the popularity of a direct cremation as a funeral choice is on the rise. It’s simplicity and low cost suits many people but it can also leave a harmful legacy for family and friends. Here's our quick guide to help families choose. Direct...