There’s no doubt that the popularity of a direct cremation as a funeral choice is on the rise. It’s simplicity and low cost suits many people but it can also leave a harmful legacy for family and friends. Here’s our quick guide to help families choose.

Direct cremation is where the deceased, in their coffin, is taken directly to the crematorium with no-one in attendance and no service.

Unattended cremation is where we offer families the opportunity to have a service and combine this with a direct cremation.

In both cases, ashes can be returned to the family a few days later.


Direct cremation involves minimal input from family or friends as there’s no attendance on the day. It’s cost-effective and the lack of administration suits those who want the most minimal funeral service possible.


Not allowing surviving family or friends the opportunity to say goodbye is probably the most obvious. But it’s not always obvious to them or the deceased when they made their plans. Mourning is a part of the bereavement process so getting a chance to say goodbye, to share memories of a loved one with others, to celebrate and commiserate, is intrinsically human. Cutting out this ritual can leave a legacy of unresolved grief for them down the line.

Our promise in practice

We frequently arrange unattended cremations with a same-day funeral that simply doesn’t involve attending a crematorium. Families get the best of both worlds. We  help put together a funeral event allowing for some celebration of life whether that’s in our service room, church, a village hall – even the pub.

It’s an attractive option for families who want to keep an event simple, who may have to travel long distances between various venues, or who need to keep costs to a minimum.

No-fuss events are as common as elaborate send-offs. Our teams listen carefully to what’s anticipated and shape a funeral that respects the deceased’s wishes while managing the expectations of the living to achieve the right no-fuss balance.

We also do not charge an additional fee for family viewings. It’s important to have that final opportunity and leave no regrets.


Whatever choices a family makes, the ashes can be returned for interring, scattering or storing. We have a wide range of caskets, urns and scatter tubes as well as ashes jewellery to offer.  Memorials too are a popular way of creating a lasting legacy.

We’ve always offered families the widest choice of funerals. Whatever they choose, they’ll always receive the highest standards of compassion, dedication, integrity and respect.