Memorials are the lasting tribute we can leave for generations to come. In five simple steps, we explore how to choose the perfect stone memorial.

  1. Choose a location

Memorial stones or markers are typically erected in graveyards and cemeteries to indicate a grave but also the site of ashes interment. Nowadays memorials can also be installed in places of personal significance to the deceased.  Whether it’s an existing family plot, or a new site, we can ensure you have all the relevant permissions to install a stone or marker.

  1. Appoint specialists

Stonemasonry is a heritage skill, often handed down the generations. Our team of specialist craftsmen are a second generation family of stonemasons based in the Scottish borders. The team work closely with cemeteries up and down the country, with suppliers based in the UK and abroad, operating from a purpose built workshop. They’re responsive, intuitive and highly experienced in getting exactly what customers want.

  1. Repairing existing stones

Working with ancient stones requires skill and patience. Many damaged, weathered or leaning stones across the country have been laid down by local authorities for health and safety reasons. Across the UK, families are commissioning repairs and we are busy adding new inscriptions, providing essential repairs and, if appropriate, replacing weathered stones.

  1. Designing new stones

From the smallest of grave markers, to the most elaborate six plus foot stones, our team of stonemasons can supply a wide variety of colours, finishes, and designs. With bases, vases, sculptures and other individual flourishes, the finished memorial can be as bespoke as you want. We provide a full design service with unlimited CAD (computer automated design) drawings to ensure you get the perfect blend of style. Our team will keep you right when it comes to budgeting as there are many sizes, styles and design options as well as third party charges where appropriate.

  1. Inscriptions and Images

The choice of what to say, how to say it comes with practice as well as tradition. With a limit to the number of characters on certain stones, we can guide you to ensure the inscriptions are personal including verses, poems, and images. Where we can, photography or illustrations can be added to stones and markers.  Even the smallest of memorials can be as individual as you want.

A funeral’s final chapter is usually reserved by the memorial. Leaving a legacy that lasts for generations is so important. See our team at work on our memorials page.  Or explore some of the other ways you can leave a meaningful memorial that goes beyond a stone on our Making it Personal page.