When it comes to your funeral, or that of a loved one, you need to trust who you choose to help with the arrangements. It’s not a purchase you make every day and it’s often influenced by who your families and friends have used in the past or who is nearest. Sometimes it’s just who has the lowest cost.

Our promise to you is this: if it’s do-able, we’ll help you and here’s why.


Our staff choose to do this job because we care deeply about families. We care that you successfully arrange a send-off that’s just right based on what’s important to you and your loved ones. For some, that road is well trodden and for others, it’s the first time. But for all it’s an emotional time to make big, unfamiliar decisions. Our team offer experience, patience, time and a lot of understanding. Which is why compassion for bereaved families is our number one value.


This applies both to the deceased and also the bereaved family left behind. From the first time someone comes into our care, we treat them with the same respect we’d apply to our own family, throughout their final journey. And for those left behind, we ensure they can lean on our experience, have the time, space and support to arrange the funeral they really want, not one that is convenient for us.


We’re transparent about what’s involved in a funeral and also how much it will cost. No upselling, no hidden extras, no surprises. We don’t charge extra for viewings, service rooms, Saturday morning funerals, out-of-hours removals or for any extra staff needed on the day. Delivering the highest standards of service matters to us: ensuring you get the support you need and earning your trust along the way.


Our dedication sets us apart too. From offering a single point of contact throughout rather than a split team or a call centre to being available 24/7, 365 days a year. And the little things we do such as picking up clothing, delivering ashes, returning jewellery and other valuables. After the funeral, we don’t stop caring. Families can access our complimentary bereavement support in a variety of ways.

Funeral directors come in all shapes and sizes. So do funerals – from simple send-offs to extravagant events. Getting it right should be driven by what is right for the deceased and those making the arrangements.  And we can help you right now. Free planning ahead expertise is available – from checklists to trigger awkward conversations with loved ones, to free plans of wishes or choose one of our prepayment funeral plans.

Our promise is that we will support you, and your loved ones, in arranging the funeral that’s just right, 24/7 every day of the year.