Choosing a final resting place for your loved one

If burial is your preferred choice you can advise us whether this will be a new or existing grave. For new graves the main decision is which cemetery to choose. If you do not already have a family grave we can advise where new graves are available, either in a church or council cemetery or a woodland burial site. Whichever you choose, your funeral director can advise you on the cost of purchasing ground and interment.

Council cemeteries

Not all council cemeteries have room for further burials. Pre-purchasing of ground in Edinburgh council cemeteries is very limited and although ground may be purchased in advance, specific plots are not allocated until time of need. In the Scottish Borders, East Lothian and Midlothian, council ground is sometimes released for pre-purchase but mostly assigned at time of need. Please be aware that in these areas out-of-area surcharges may apply for people living out-with council boundaries. In St Andrews, the main council owned cemetery is St Andrews’ Western Cemetery which does not allow pre-buying of plots.

Private cemeteries

Most privately owned cemeteries with space allow lairs to be purchased in advance.

Woodland burial sites

Woodland sites tend to allocate ground at the time of need only. Some of the main sites are listed below and your funeral director can advise on space and availability.

  • Binning Memorial Woodland, Tyninghame, East Lothian
  • Corstorphine Hill Cemetery Woodland Burial, Corstorphine, Edinburgh (Now full)
  • Rosewell Cemetery (including Cockpen Cemetery), Midlothian
  • Hundy Mundy Wood, Kelso, Scottish Borders
  • Shawfield Woodland Burial, Selkirk, Scottish Borders
  • Cowdenbeath Cemetery, Cowdenbeath, Fife

Comparing Funeral Costs

No two funerals are the same. And no two funeral directors are the same either. At William Purves, our prices include many of the funeral elements that other providers add on as extras. To help you compare like-for-like, take a look our guide to pricing.

Arrange a Funeral FAQs

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Is there a cost difference between a burial and cremation?

The costs depend on where you plan to be buried or cremated as fees vary dramatically throughout the UK.

I'd like to have a private funeral but a big party - can you help?

We can assist with event planning for all elements of your funeral from the simple send-off to an extravagant celebration.

Are we limited to the number of cars?

You can have as many cars as you like, and if this is not enough, we can explore coaches or other options.

I am worried about thanking everyone who attends...

We can help. On the day we can provide attendance cards for mourners to sign or leave a message of condolence. We will collate them and bring them to you after the funeral so you can focus on saying goodbye. There's also our website where people can leave online tributes. 

How long should we keep the ashes?

There's no right or wrong answer. Retaining ashes is a very personal thing. Some people want to scatter them at a later date, others can't bear to part with them. We can help by providing practical storage advice and guiding you to make the decision that is most fitting for you and your family.

Can we take the flowers home after the funeral?

You can keep or leave, all or part, of any tribute just as you please. Often a memento is taken by family members or sometimes sprays can be donated to a church, hospice or nursing home. There is no "rule".